Compass Evaluation & Research staff members have worked on numerous evaluations related to special education in collaboration with Westat. These national studies include:

All Kinds of Minds (AKOM)

Compass staff members and Westat conducted a national study of the Schools Attuned professional development program. The primary purpose of the study was to examine whether use of Schools Attuned affected the nature and extent of special education services required in schools and the effects of the Schools Attuned program on teacher efficacy and student academic skills. Compass assisted with site visits, interviews, and observations.

Office of Special Education (OSEP) Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) State Monitoring Study

Compass members assisted Westat with a 5-year study assessing the quality and effectiveness of states' IDEA Part B and C monitoring and improvement practices. Compass members served as team leaders for site visits with state K-12 and early intervention agencies, reviewed state documents, conducted interviews with state personnel, and analyzed and summarized data.

Personnel Development Program (PDP)

Compass staff members have been working with Westat to evaluate the PDP. The evaluation involves describing courses of study at institutions of higher education that directly prepare personnel to serve children with disabilities, collecting and analyzing data from all funded and nonfunded applicants that directly prepare personnel, and assessing the quality of products and services provided by PDP-funded national centers that directly or indirectly support the development and learning of children with disabilities.